Convention and Meeting Facilities

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The Rome hospitality industry looks forward to serving you.  This guide to convention and meeting facilities in the Rome area will help you choose locations for gatherings you are planning.  Each site is located on the below map.  When you need more specific information on a facility please contact the Greater Rome Convention and Visitors Bureau for assistance.  We will be glad to help you achieve your meeting's success in Georgia's Rome!

Convention Services Policy:

The Greater Rome Convention and Visitors Bureau's assistance is available to all conventions, meetings and seminars being conducted within the City of Rome and Floyd County area and booking a minimum of ten rooms.  The following details our services offered to assist you in meeting facilitation.


1.  Assistance & Guidance

a.  Professional consultation on program planning and community resources available for your meeting.

b.  Directory to enable you to locate sources of goods and services for your convention.

2.  Registration Service
         a.  Registration assistance and  Georgia's
         Rome information booth are available.

3. Program Support
          a.  Brochures, brochure display, name tag
          lamination and maps for your delegates.

4.  Welcome Center
          a.  Tour Guides

          b.  Transportation assistance offered for
          bookings of fifty or more rooms.


Tourism Services Policy

1.  Brochures on Rome and attractions
         a.  Reasonable quantities are available free of charge.

2.  Press Kits
         a.  Press kits are provided for travel writers and jouranlists.

3.  Assistance in community resources and program planning
         a.  Tours

           b.  Meeting and greet tour groups

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Use the corresponding numbers with the map for the physical location

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For more information on any of the above, please contact

Greater Rome Convention and Visitors Bureau

P.O. Box 5823

Rome, GA 30162-5823

800 444-1834, 706 295-5576, Fax 706 236-5029